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One of our essential courses is the very influential, Quran Tajweed course. This is an introductory level course developed exclusively for those who wish to learn the proper recitation techniques with respect to the Koran. It covers all aspects of tajweed quran, from basic rules to slightly difficult letter attributes and grammatical features of all tajweed symbols and sounds. Our students learn to read from a whole new perspective.

The contents of this course will suffice your knowledge requirements. Everything you need to know, predominantly the compulsory key elements of tajweed, will be at your fingertips. Online classes are highly beneficial when it comes to improving speech and clarity in recitation. With our astounding tutors and certified teachers guiding you step by step, you will become an expert at Qur’an recital within a very short time.

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There are certain principles associated with Namaz, or prayer such as the number of sajda or ruk’u performed during each set (rak’ah) or the order of the chapters recited; Al-Fatiha before any other short Surah among many other restrictions. Every obligatory act of worship has some rules prescribed specifically for that act and being Muslims, we are supposed to follow those regulations. Similar to prayer, the recital of the Holy Quran also includes several mandatory laws that we are compelled to abide by. Allah has gifted this Glorious piece of literature to all of mankind for generations to come and we should understand that a Book so Divine is indeed worth being read with exalted love, admiration and attention. The acclamation and concentration involved in reciting the Koran also indicates that it be read according to the way prescribed by the Sunnah of Muhammad (PBUH). Just how exactly did the Prophet (PBUH) read the text of this beautifully complex scripture? He read it with the concepts of Tajweed and Tarteel.

Now, you must be wondering whether or not Tajweed has been mentioned in the history of Islam. The truth is, it was never clearly mentioned. There was no concept of Tajweed back in the days of Muhammad (PBUH) and the reason behind this is that at the particular time, Arabic was originally spoken and read with tajweed. The pronunciation of different letters, their sounds and characteristics of symbols were present in the dialect that was common to all Arabs and non-Arabs. As time went by, this genuine form of language began to alter due to new communities that interacted with one another. If the concept of tajweed was not introduced, we would never have learned the true way in which the word of Allah is meant to be recited.