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The thought of starting a whole new language from scratch makes it seem like a pretty heavy task. After a certain age, our minds are not ready to accept a fresh concept that begins from the ….

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About Online Quran Teaching  In today’s modern world, new and improved techniques for acquiring knowledge are becoming more and more prominent. Technological advances have made it possible to learn any subject of desired interest without having to attend an institute or school as a regular student. What could be easier than sitting right at home with all your necessary requirements at your fingertips? A computer, to which almost everyone has easy access, a broadband internet connection, a headset (one with a speaker and microphone) and some simple communicating software- all can be attained from within a close range. Those are the only things you need to begin with your preferred Islamic course.

About Us

Online institutes are becoming the new educational trend. is also an integral part of the online learning academies’ portal. In fact, we are experts when it comes to effective teaching methods. This is not your ordinary learning center but a very proficient Islamic studies institute. Our well-versed teachers make this learning center a complete home tutoring service where you simply have to register online and begin classes right away as per your requirements. You are given the option to select an appropriate time for the classes and we provide you with a skilled teacher for that specific course and time period. The purpose of this virtual system is to bring you quality education right at your doorstep without the need of you having to continuously visit distant schools and centers. Convenience is what drove us to taking up this professional work. We acknowledge that Muslims all across the world are in need of proper learning schools to establish their Islamic knowledge with perfection and accuracy. Such religious matters are highly important and therefore require precision when putting down to memory.

Quran Teaching Staff

Coming to our teaching staff, you will be glad to know that all our teachers are well-trained and professionally adept to handle students with care, attention and expertise. We give particular importance to children and young learners, as well as newcomers to Islam. Keeping in view all your domestic needs, female teachers are accordingly available for female students. Almost all of the tutors are highly qualified and certified professionals who have attained incredibly astounding degrees in a number of related disciplines such as Arabic, Islamic Studies, Quran History and studies and other relevant fields.

Our Courses

What do we offer? How can you be so sure that this online institute is perfect for you? First of all, you should feel at home when learning with us. We have ensured that our Islamic courses are molded according to your intellectual level and understanding. No matter which course you opt for, the tutor will teach in a very smooth and fluent manner. Whether or not you have any prior Islamic knowledge does not matter at all; we will help build your basics and then move onto more advanced concepts or if you are already familiar with the fundamentals, we can start from a higher level. To have a general idea of the various courses offered at, here is a brief list along with course content description and details. •

Basic Quran Reading Course

This program aims at beginners and those students who wish to start with the basics of Arabic reading. It covers all aspects of the Arabic alphabets, sounds and punctuation marks. Through this course, students can learn how to improve their speech and fluency while reading the Qur’an. Once a fine rhythm is established, we move onto the more complex recitation techniques. If you are a convert and have recently become acquainted with Islam, this course is exemplary for you. “In fact the one who recites the Quran beautifully, smoothly, and perfectly, will be accompanied by noble and obedient angels, and the one who recites with difficulty, stammering or stumbling through its verses, will have double the reward.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim] •

Quran Tajweed Course

The next step in Qur’an reading involves the understanding of Tajweed rules and principles of the various sounds associated with each alphabet or grammatical symbol. During the initial era of Islam, the Muslims were fond of conversing in the pure and unblemished form of Arabic. It was a dialect that already included the precise speech, tone, accent and pronunciation that is necessary while reading the Holy Koran. With the passage of time, new forms of Arabic were introduced and the original language began to fade away hence paving way for the need to establish Tajweed rules. Our expert teachers tend to the needs of students by providing simple procedures which help in learning tajweed implementation. •

Quran Memorization

Have you ever thought about becoming a Hafiz? If you are a researcher and have studied various religions, you must know that the Glorious Quraan is the most memorized Book in the entire world. Muslims make an effort to engrave the complete 6666 verses onto their hearts and with regular revisions, the context remains crystal clear in their memory. Of course, this task is done in order to achieve nearness and blessings from Allah the Almighty. There is no worldly benefit linked to this accomplishment. Anyone straining to become a Hafiz (one who has put the Qur’an to memory) will be rewarded generously in this life and the hereafter. This course targets the critical methods which help to induce memorization abilities and skills within the students. It is recommended that before beginning with this course, the student has adequate knowledge of Koran recitation and Tajweed. •

Major Teachings of Islam

Sometimes we simply need to indulge in the fundamental concepts of Islam to have a revision of what our Lord Allah Almighty demands from us. With root knowledge of all the major teachings, we can understand the importance of Islam and how it is linked to our spiritual, mental and physical benefit. This course is sufficient for developing sound knowledge of our blessed religion Islam and will help students in strengthening their faith in Allah, the Quran and other essentials. “Say you, ‘if the men and Jinn all agreed together to King the like thereof, though in them one may be helper ofother.’”[Quran; Surah Al-Israa’; Verse No.88]


I have started the Quran hifz classes, it’s going pretty well so far. Due to my busy schedule I cannot got to Islamic School Or Mosque to memorize the Quran so I decided to take the online Quran classes. I am very satisfied and pleased to take the classes at my preferred time and days.

Mr. Imran Farooq

My two kids are learning with, I have found them very cooperative, punctual and professional. Their Quran teachers are Hafiz e Quran with excellent Tajweed. I would strongly recommend them for online Quran classes.

Mr. Asad Jibran